Civil Litigation

Civil litigation results when two entities, whether one person against another person, business or governmental organization, or business against business, have a dispute and ask the court to step in and provide a remedy.

Civil Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation arises when controversies arise within or between businesses. Some examples of these include:

  • Breach of contract lawsuits.
  • Conflict between partners or corporate officers.
  • Real estate issues in such matters as boundary disputes, zoning rules and regulations, environmental impact statements, lease agreements, and land use regulations.
  • Construction contract interpretations.
  • Construction defect litigation.
  • Employment issues such as wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination or harassment claims, or denial of workers’ compensation claims.
  • Insurance disputes.

At Gort Law, I recognize that any commercial litigation has the potential for permanently damaging your business. That is why I use my 30 years of business and financial experience, nine of which have been in the legal field, to resolve civil litigation manners in an expeditious and efficient manner. Contact me at my office in Jupiter, Florida, where I also serve those in Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties.